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Click To call / dial, Clicking on lead or contact telephone number to activate auto dialling
Cant seem to make this work.

Can it be set up to dial on skype?

Can it be set up to dial an IP phone

Can it be set up to dial a normal digital phone>

If so please could you advise how ?

Clicking on lead or contact telephone number to activate auto dialling

Calls to clients can be made directly from the CRM using IP telephony via Zingaya VoxImplant. The built-in integration with VoxImplant.Com allows you to make web phone calls directly from a browser or Desktop App at prices that arelower than Skype's. You can also record phone calls that you make from the Bitrix24 CRM.

Additionally, it is possible to use IP-telephony applications (Skype, Lync, or other).

Can it be set up to dial on skype?

Yes, click on the pnone number of your contact - there will appear a request window that will ask your authorisation to launch Skype (in case if it s installed on your PC) - click Allow.

Can it be set up to dial an IP phone

Yes, please click on the "phone" icon next to the contact's number

Can it be set up to dial a normal digital phone


Kind regards,

Thanks for the information

When I click to call on the phone icon I get the message " cannot make a call because your browser does not support this feature"

I am using firefox version 26.

What browser do I use and is there a plan to make firefox work for calls?

When I click to call on the number using skpe it does not dial the number but just goes to the skype dial page.

What format should the numbers be stored in for autodial to work properly?

Country code then area code without zero?

Can this not be set up as standard UK dialling by default somewhere?

Many thanks

Also tried internet explorer and got same error - asks to download desktop bitrix app which I have done and installed and opened but still same error on click to call.

How do I set up the calling properly Please?
Please contact our Help desk for further technical assistance.

Thank you!

Please note that to perform phone calls you need to have Chrome 29  or higher, as for Firefox  - it will be available in the second half of January \  begining of February  - Firefox 27 or higher.


Cant seem to set up an account for the IP telephony as described above - can only use Skype.

Bitrix shows some credit but no way of adding funds.
How do I add credit for the voximplant video and voice calling please? Do I have to sign up on their website?
Hi Richard!

We are currently setting up processing for web phone calls so that when you add money to your B24 account, you can spend it on VoxImplant phone calls. This world should be completed Jan-Feb.

Kind Regards,

I am getting an error when trying to call a person through skype.  I entered my skype username.  zacariasbendeck  but when I click to use skype it gives me an error.  Please help me with this.

This is what appears in the url:   callto:zacariasbendeck

This is the error:

"The address wasn't understood

Firefox doesn't know how to open this address, because one of the following protocols (callto) isn't associated with any program or is not allowed in this context.

   You might need to install other software to open this add"
Hi Zacarias!

Please contact our Helpdesk. Thank you!


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