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Email Integration with Outlook
Hi! We are new to Bitrix24 and we wanted to integrate Outlook email with Bitrix but unsuccessful in the setup due to message "Provide IMAP connection parameters".

Even if we put the imap server parameters, it would not allow us to setup successfully. Trying to find a howto here but they all point to CRM. Is it where put our IMAP connection parameters?

Please help. Thanks.
Hi Glenn,

Please provide the screenshot of the problem and advise your steps and what do enter in the corresponding fields (we don't ask you to advise your passwords!)



Hi Yana,

I clicked on My Workspace > Mail > Microsoft Exchange then entered the required parameters. Are our parameters wrong especially on the IMAP server address?

Thanks and regards,

First of all, IMAP server adress is wrong - your adress is a  local one and Bitrix24 will not be adble to put a connection to it, please enter an IMAP server adress that will allow an access not only for your office (local), but a global one.

Second, please try to enter full login (full email) - it may or may not be necessary depending on the server's settings. We advise to try both ways.



I just answered another post which also asked about how to sync.
I love using Bitrix24, and had the same problem at first (figuring out what to do) but the staff at Bitrix24 is very helpful so I got it sorted out quite fast.
Dear all, I have the same issue, I already filled in full & correct parameters, but it could not integrate just forwarded to webmail directly.

please, any help here,

many thanks
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Please contact our Helpdesk with details. Thanks.


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are already using Bitrix24