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Twitter integration, Tweets not appear on activity stream when using #b24
I cannot see any tweets on the activity screen when I have integrated my twitter account with my profile and then tweeted using the #b24 tag.

I put the tag at the start of the tweet but it does not work. Also how do I refresh the activity feed? the video says refresh but cant see what was pressed - or was it just a refresh of the browser page?

Hi Richard,

Please check if you have saved the Twitter integration in your profile and if you have set the recipients ("Add recipients" Tab).

the video says refresh but cant see what was pressed - or was it just a refresh of the browser page?
Yes - refresh the browser page.

We do not observe the problem on our PCs - wether #b24 is in the middle of the message or in the very beginning. If you still have a problem with this integration - please contact our Help Desk.

Thank you!

Hi there,

Can you advise how to set the recipients ("Add recipients" Tab)? I'm not able to see this on my profile page.


Hi Edward,

Please advise what kind of recipients at profile page do you refer to? What are you on  - activity stream?


Hi Yana,

I added my twitter account to my profile page, but can't seem to find the add recipient as mentioned in the video. Subsequently when I tried to twitter #b24, it doesn't appear in my activity stream.

Hi Edward!

Thanks fro brinning the topic up, this option demands revision after the Network launch, we'll revise it.


Thanks Yana. Could you advise on what we can do in the interim if we wish to integrate our Bitrix24 with twitter?  
I think that twitter integration is possible only in self-hosted version.
It will be very nice if we can get that in cloud version.  
Oh dear. We weren't aware of this, and assumed that the cloud version (which we are on), could also integrate with Twitter. We are very heavily using Twitter. Yana, can you advise on what we can do about this?
Dear Bojan & Edward,

The Twitter integration needs further development & compatibility with Bitrix24 Network, our devs are aware of the problem & will take it care of it. Unfortunately I can't give any deadlines now.


Edward Tan, You can install in your CRM
then instead of #B24 you can mention - put @yourcompany in your tweet and you will get in CRM everything
this works for facebook and you will have a lot possibilities to configure and adapt to your needs  
Thank you Bojan. I'll look into this through the CRM module. This should also be available on the bitrix24 cloud version? or would this only be available on the self hosted version?
Edward Tan, follow instructions: and you can do it in both versions cloud&selfhosted in 15 minutes
You will be able to receive directly in CRM everything from fb and tw account not just #B24, every mention, like, favorite, direct message, tweet, retweet ...
If You wish just same functionality as #B24 you can have it with @edwardtan in your tweet, only difference is that you will get message in CRM stream instead in Activity stream.
Intergration with facebook i am facing a problem.After creating the app for site url and app domain im getting some problem can anyone help?
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are already using Bitrix24