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Forums in BitRix24?, Can we add forums to our BitRix24 hosted version?
Quick question. I see in the self hosted version of Bitrix24, we can offer forums on our intranet. I do not see this in cloud hosted versions, is this correct?

Thank you,

Hi Bridgette,

Yes, this is correct, the forums functionality is available only in Bitrix24 self-hosted version.


How do you actually launch a forum on self hosted.  I thought I had all parameters set etc but the forum is not showing on the user accounts?
Hi Brian1

Please see Forums for the self-hosted version in our Training Coures.


Hi Yana,

I didn't find any information about this yet. Does every forum user count as a bitrix user regarding included licenses? If the self hosted version has 25 users ... do only they have access to the forum or is a forum user kind of an external or extranet user?

Thank in advance.

Hi Vaci! You can find a detailed list of what extranet users can do in Bitrix24 here:  Hope it will help.
Hi  Yuliya,

thank's a lot. This lists is a good overview. But there is nothing about the forum. So I guess the forum can be used from both user types, right?

Edited: Vaclav Janoch - 07/21/2016 12:01:52
Hi Vaci,
Here is the information I found out:
There are two types of groups: intranet groups and extranet groups. Each group has its own forum (or discussion). Intranet users can participate in extranet groups (but not the other way round). So you should consider only the number of your intranet users in forums.  
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