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Sales Meetings, online meetings and agenda
This is mentioned in the blog as part of the sales management but I cannot find how to set up a sales meeting from the free version of bitrix24 - is this not available to the online version?
Hi Richard,

There can be different types of meetings, you can shcedule a simple meeting from the CRM item's action menu (meeting option), and there is also a Meetings & Briefingsoption - the one I guess you're asking about - it is available in Bitrix24 Professional subscription only (left-side main menu lines - Company>Meetings & Briefings).
Kind Regards,

Hi Yana, is there a way to record past/done meetings in Bitrix24, say I would like to record a meeting that was done last month and connect it to a DEAL that we are working on. We've tried inputting meetings and other activities in a DEAL however it always adjusts the date on the current day. Please advise.
Hi Raymond,

We do not observe the problem on our computers - have you set the date for the last month & not just clicked the "previous month" arrow tab? - if you set the date correctly but it hasn't been saved  - please report this to our Helpdesk with Browser name & version number, thank you.


Hi Yana,

Please run me through on how to do this as we have tried several times and the date changes to the current date. Here is what we do:
- We go to the selected "DEAL"
- We click on the "ACTIVITY" TAB
- Then "+ Meeting"
- When we set the "When:" Date to a previous Date, once we click save, the deadline/date changes to the current date

Dear Raymond,

I don't observe such problem when performing same steps as you - the problem may be connected with your account in particular  - please contact our Helpdesk - they will have  a closer look. Thank you.


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