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VoIP service with own PBX or cloud VOIP services, VoIP service with own PBX or cloud VOIP services
When is the VoIP support will be extended?

Do you have your own PBX? Connect it and call directly from Bitrix24.
At this time you cannot connect your SIP PBX; your SIP PBX will be able to be connected soon.

This is really interesting cuz we have almost 800 phone numbers and we need to keep phone numbers and renting from Bitrix24 will pile up in giant bill
as you compare DID cost from MAjor VoIP providers near $1 vs Bitrix $25 a month.

It is likely you will be able to connect your SIP PBX this July.
BTW, the option to connect your own SIP PBX will cost 40$ per month.
Anya, a mozno beta test it please?
Unfortunately, Bitrix24 functionality doesn't have beta mode.
but in there is a bunch of integrations which already carry VoIP functionality,

Can I use apps from .RU bitrix24 in the .COM implementation?
Hi, you are talking about apps in the Marketplace that were developed by our Russian partners. Those apps are not localized to any other language than Russian, and untranslated apps are not available via .com and .de domains.
Please wait a little, we'll add a built-in tool for custom connection of SIP PBX.
)Anya what is the ETA of this feature? (custom connection of SIP PBX)
Approximately first half of autumn.


Hi Yana,

I work for SpeakUp, which is an SIP operator in the Netherlands, Belgium and UK. For over ten years we supply customers with our products. We also have a own development department regarind everything which has to do with telephony, SIP and our own developed hosted PBX platform. Currently we are testing Bitrix to use within our organisation. We are enthusiastic regarding the possibilities of your platform but missing that bit of SIP integration with our own platforms.

Could we help you guys develop the SIP integration? Maybe develop the integration of our suits which then will be suitable for our customers to use Bitrix and our hosted PBX or SIP trunks? Win/win if you ask me ;)
Hi Giuseppe,

Thanks for your proposition, such possibility is available for Bitrix24 self-hosted version now only, as for the cloud  - we plan to extend our API  - wait for our news on this (stay tuned this autumn) :-)

Any update on the IP Telephony/SIP providers?  We are new to the Bitrix24 SaaS solution and it looks to fit our business needs but if we have to port over numbers would be costly.  Any update on the APIs for voice,SIP, and client applications?  Thanks in advance.
Hi T K!

SIP PBX has already been added to Bitrix24. RestAPI for SIP (add, delete. edit) will be available soon (this fall).  

Kind Regards,

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