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Caller ID
Is there any way of choosing a different international format for the caller id, so it appears like a local call? Also, is there a way of not having a caller id show up?
Edited: Neo Chima - 06/25/2014 16:46:18
Concerning no number showing up:  for outgoing calls, if you do not provide an outgoing number in the telephony settings, then a relay number will appear on the phone of the person you are calling. This number will allow the call to be identified easily as being made via telephony, not from a 'real' phone.

There is no way to alter the format of the number as it will appear on the phone of the person you are calling. The number will always be the full 10-digit number.
Anyway to include an alpha description into the caller ID and not just a number?  We work with several clients and branding an alpha description when calling existing clients improves contact rates.
Hi there,

We are working out of Australia and making calling out of the system. I registered my number for caller id and confirmed it over the phone. When I made a test call the number had a 1 in front of it and came up as +161.... instead of just +61 which is the code for Australia. Is there a way to get the 1 away, or even better just get a 0 at the start of my ten digit number?

Thanks for all the help.

Hi Dylan!

Please contact our Helpdesk with this request - the team will assist. Thank you!


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