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Drag & Drop Tasks, Feature coming soon ?

I've noticed you can drag and drop a lot of things in Bitrix24 relating to the "company settings" but there is no feature like this for the most important area of project management which is the task / milestones area.  It appears you have to make several 'clicks' to move tasks in and out of their respective categories as project requirements change.  

Am i missing a setting for this "ease-of-use" feature or is this option a planned enhancement in the Bitrix 24 roadmap?  

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for your vote on this feature, we have it in our roadmap, but I can't advise when we may add it.

I would vote for this feature - there doesn't seem to be any progress on this for a few years.
Is it still on the road map and has it progressed in the queue?
Hi Anthony,

We've added it for the Gantt chart view already (lists view does not support it yet).


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