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Problem with workgroup calendars, Tasks in a workgroup do not show up on the workgroup's calendar
Hi there!

I have an issue with the calendar functionality and need some help. I created a Workgroup named Proposals and within this Workgroup two dummy tasks. The task list looks like this:

The corresponding calendar in My Workspace correctly shows my tasks. Here a screenshot of the calendar:

However, the calendar associated with the Workgroup proposals does not show any of the proposal tasks and I cannot figure out why. Here the corresponding screenshot:

I checked all the permission stuff etc. but are unable to resolve this issue. I need the task associated with a specific Workgroup to show up on the Workgroup's calendar. Any suggestions?

Thanks for the help!
Edited: Holger Klinck - 08/19/2014 20:40:40
Hi Holger,

Unfortunately tasks calendar can be seen only from personal calendar, workgroups has tasks section for this purpose that can be viewed as list or gantt chart. But thanks for the suggestion - we'll take it into account.

Hello, Yana.

I believe Holger's petition makes lots of sense.
Tasks and Events are not that different (from a user point of view) in a calendar view. It's stuff to be done at a certain date.

Being able to create Tasks from the Calendar view could help teams to start building a visual map of a project.

Can we hope to see this implemented at some point?

Hi Jean!

Thanks for the " Workgroup Tasks Calendar" suggestion, I've added it to the features requests.

BTW right now we have Gantt view in the workgroup tasks section that can be a walk-around aternative for the tasks calendar. Tasks and subtasks can be viewed in a Gantt chart with status, responsible person, and chronological relationships. This gives a full picture of the progression of the project at a single glance, and helps identify potential or existing delays.

Kind Regards,


Can you give me an update on this proposed feature request?  I am a new user to Bitrix24, and I would like to echo the original posters' suggestions - this should be implemented.
Hi I am new to Bitrix and although the feature of being able to view the workgroup tasks in a Gantt chart is good, it does not give me the full overarching picture of work in multiple workgroups, what I want to be able to do is view multiple workgroup tasks within a calendar, either all workgroups or a selection of workgroups at one time, Microsoft Officer 365 planner has this feature, although bitrix has the advantage of the Gantt chart, this is another tool we are considering using, I find Bitrix really simple to use and so far not being able to view the tasks within the workgroup in a calendar is the only frustration I have come across. Is there any likelihood that you will add this as a feature any time soon?

many thanks
Hi Jane!

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately we don't have plans for this option at the moment.


We thought we had a solution to a problem that our small but quickly growing company has had.  Collaboration and task/event sharing.  Our company's daily activities are operations based and are required to be seen by everyone.  We currently have to use a shared outlook calendar in order to plan and document normal daily activities.  Some are single events that are recurring (but hardly ever in the same location) while others are subtasks to on-going lengthy projects.  I was very disappointed that tasks did not show up on an assigned groups calendar.  Please make this an option!

Thank you!
+1 !

My users company would love to see tasks in workgroup calendar !
Any updates about this point ?
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