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Workgroup Template

Is there a way to use a workgroup as a template for future workgroups?

Hi Tyler,

This option is not available currently, I've passed the suggestion to our devs. Thank you.

I see this thread hasn't been updated since 2014. Has this feature been added? If not, it would EXTREMELY useful.
Hi Anne!

Thanks for the vote on this option (no plans for it at the moment).


I second this, I just started using Bitrix24 and this was one of the first things I started to look for. having it would be a HUGE plus, the lack might put me off (I'll give it a go first). We often have projects that are very similar in design and steps, yet differ in subject, timeframe and collaborators.

This would be extremely useful!
We have a lot of projects with the same tasks and flows, we´re currently covering with template tasks and subtasks, but copying a whole workgroup would be better.
+1 This is definitely a must have, in order to get the whole company on board. All of our projects have the same basic structure and having a Workgroup template, so that when we start a new Workgroup all of the specific task templates are already loaded in the workgroup, etc. would really help sell using Bitrix.
Edited: B24_12119879 - 07/19/2017 00:53:42
Hi! Presently this feature has not been implemented yet, but we are well aware of it. Stay tuned!


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