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Edit Access to Shared Calendars
We have several calendars shared among our team, and certain members need editing access to add/delete/change events on calendars. We have adjusted the settings in the Calendar > Edit > Access Permissions, we have indicated that the user should have Full Access (we have also tried "Edit Calendars & Events" options). Despite this, she cannot add anything to the calendar, let alone edit/change anything. We have made new calendars, tried all of the access settings, etc., and nothing is working.

Further update - the key seems to be linked to whether or not the calendars show in the "Calendars" section rather than the "Favorite Calendars" section - the calendars in question appear in the Favorites section ONLY for the users who cannot edit them.

Any advice?
Edited: Sonja Kassebaum - 08/29/2014 22:17:12 (Added additional information.)
Try this

How to Share Calendars on Bitrix24

Select your personal calendar top right, by ticking th checkbox
configure your personal calendar, hover to the right of your caledar top right, click and select edit
Go to Access permissions tab on the pop up
add all the users that you want to see your calendar, by clicking on ADD and and selecting their access rights.

Then go to your favourites calendar list, hover to the right of FAVOURITE CALENDAR and click on configure
Use ADD USER CALENDARS to add each user calendar that you want to to see into, and select it by ticking the checkbox

Ensure that the users has give the access permissions that you require

By clicking each user under FAVOURITE CALENDAR you can see or hide that calendar within your calendar.
Yes, we have done all those things and other users are not able to edit the calendar. The calendar shows in the list of Favorite Calendars, but it is not editable - events cannot be added, changed, etc., even though in the Access Permissions tab it says she has full access (we also tried all the other levels of access, to no avail).   Other advice/tips? These calendars will not be workable for us if we cannot share editing access, and that is simply not working.
I agree, only the calendar owner can change their own calendar, but you can see everyones.
We are managing this way even though we would like a secretary or event organiser to be able to make changes
hopefully they will think about fixing this
I think the problems are the same in tasks if not worse
That's unfortunate, I was hoping it was something that could be fixed - the calendar tool is simply not useful to us if only one person can change it - we need a dynamic calendaring tool that everyone can use/edit. Thanks anyway for trying to help!
Hi Sonia & Paul,

"Favorite" calendar option only allows you to "read" calendar of the other user. To be able to edit the other employee's calendar you need to open his profile>calendar ssection & edit it there. Please make sure the calendar'\s owner has granted the other user with access permission (My Workspace>Calendar>My name's cal>edit>access.add user=full access)

Hope this helps.


I am currently admin on my page and I've set the access permissions to "full access" on both mine and my employee's calendar settings. I've sel ected multiple sections both in department and by user name, and ensured that the access rights are on full. However, I am unable to see any of the open "tasks" from my employee on my calendar. I have two laptops side by side with admin account and employee on the other and the result is the same. What could be blocking us fr om viewing the open tasks on our calendars or sharing?
Please contact our Helpdesk with screenshots. Thank you!


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