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Drive Notification
Hi. Is it possible to get a notification for each file updated on the Workgroup's drive?
Hi Paulo,

If the notifications settings are set so that you receive all notifications about workgroup activity changes - then you will get this kind of notifications (e.g. such notifications appear in your desktop app or messanger).

But it does not appear on the activity stream, right? Can I make this happen?
Right, the file changes are recorded in it's history, you can also leave comment on the file inside, but it won't be posted in the Activity stream. But (!), if you will create a new Activity stream message in the workgroup & attach a file there (you can choose from the workgroup files)  - and will edit this file from the Workgroup Activity stream message - a new version of file saved by you - will be added as new comment to this message - and will appear for all workgroup members, s that they can track the file change history in real time.


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