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Calendar, Event, Task color, How to color code projects (workgroup) calendars, tasks and events
I have set up projects as workgroups. For each project calendar I'd like to have a different color so that events are color coded to the project. I'd like to do this for tasks as well. Is this even possible? When I tried to add an event to a project calendar it assigned it some random color. I don't want me or users to have to label the color every time.
Ok, now for some reason the event is taking on the color of the calendar. It would be nice if I could color code tasks to match the projects.
Hi Jill!

To set a particular color for the workgroup please go to Workgroups>open your workgroup>calendar>click calendar'menu in the right top>edit>click on the color you want to choose (see screenshot)>save. Now all events in this workgroup calendar will be the color you've set.

Kind Regards,

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