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Allocating Tasks with External Users, Looking for ways to allow external users to view and accept tasks

I am just putting together a task list which I would like to share with external users, I would also like the users to be able to allocate themselves to each task, is this possible?
(It is a school fair and we have 300 tasks to allocate...)
I am hoping there is a way to do this in tasks or checklists, if not then could we use a google doc spreadsheet shared in the external drive maybe?
Be very grateful for your thoughts and ideas.
Hi Helen!

In Bitrix24 external users work in the frames of external workgroups. Extranet users can create tasks for those who are in his or her Employee/Contact list. Inside extranet workgroups, tasks created can involve only members of those groups.

You may find this Training Course on Extranet helpful.

Kind Regards,

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