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Working with freelancers, Best group and announcement method?
1. I work with a ton of freelancers and want them in different groups according to category so I guess an intranet or extranet group will work although I'm still trying to decide which.

2. The main ability I want is to notify everyone in the group when we have a new project available and for them to apply for it. Announcements look cool but do they have to be logged in to get it? I'd like an email and/or sms message option to be sent for fast response.
Hi OnlineClassCoach Admin!

To my mind, Bitrix24 extranet workgroups are most suitable for work with freelancers, because in this case they will have access only to the particular group(s) they belong to, see Intranet vs Extranet user comparison chart.

Email notifications are supported (messages not), you can configure them in notifications settings - click on your profile icon in the right top corner to open the menu & choose "notifications settings" - see "Social Network" section - "workgroup updates".The workroup's users will get the email notification about an announcement if they have this option enabled.


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