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Tasks by Assignee Group and Assigner Group, Trying to find a way to produce reports from Tasks that show two different views
We are testing out Bitrix for our firm and are thusfar very impressed.  The tool is very slick and easy to use.  However, I've read thru the documentation and the forums but haven't been able to figure out how to get some of the output I'm looking for.

I've created teams using Workgroups.  So I have a team - called Workgroup A - that is assigning tasks to Workgroup B.  Currently, a team member from Workgroup A assigns tasks to the manager of Workgroup B who could then delegate to others on his team.  Also, I've made all of those tasks part of Workgroup B.

Now, I can easily get a report of tasks assigned to Workgroup B so we know what that team is working on and the relative priorities.  However, I cannot figure out a way to show a report of tasks for Workgroup A.  I want them to be able to see what the status of their various tasks is, which groups they're assigned to, etc.  Workgroup A may have assigned tasks to various groups (Workgroup B, C, D, etc.).  And Workgroup B might be working on tasks from Workgroup A as well as Workgroup E, F, etc.

Hopefully that makes sense and I haven't used too many workgroups :-).  Do you have an idea for a solution?

Thanks and regards,
Bob Koenig
Hi Robert!

That is an interesting scenario - but I'm afraid as far as multiple groups task assigning is not supported, the tasks report can display results of the particular workgroup's tasks only. But thanks for the suggestion.


Thanks Yana.  

Can I produce a report based on a tag then?  I can tag each task with the group of the assigner - e.g., tag each task with "Workgroup A" - then print a report where each task includes the tag "Workgroup A"?
Hi Robert,

You can add tag as field & filter conditions to the task report. The report can be exported to Excel & printed after.


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