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Calendar Time Zone Problem
When I create a repeated event on every Thursday, it keep showing it on Friday, I suspect its a time zone problem, becoz we are located in Hong Kong. Also can we set Sunday as the starting day of a week???
My colleague and I are having issues with time zones as well.  I'm in South Korea and he's in the US.  My calendar is set to the Korean time zone and his to Eastern time zone.

When we schedule meetings the time adjusts to something different then what was originally scheduled.  For example, if I schedule a meeting for 10:30 am in the Korean time zone it shows the correct time on my colleague's calendar, but a few minutes later his calendar displays the meeting time as 5:30 am Eastern time and my displays the meeting time as 3:30 pm Korean time.

I also would like to set the starting day to Sunday if that's possible.
Hi  everyone!:)

  1. I will ask you to check if  time zone on your portal is matching this one on your PC ( in case if you sel ected time zone fr om the list in your profile). Check your profile's additional information, Time zone and date and time settings on your computer in tray .  (s. pict) The values have to match. If everything is set correctly, but you still face with this situation, please, submit a ticket to  helpdesk.
  2. Quote
    can we set Sunday as the starting day of a week
    I will pass this feature to our development team. It will be automatically changed for .com domain in a few days.:)

I originally had my time set using a drop down selection from the time zone field ((UTC +9:00) Asia/Seoul), but I've upd ated my selection to have the time and date match my browser settings.  My time zone still reads (UTC +9:00) Asia/Seoul).  I'll have my colleague make sure his se ttings are the same and we'll test to see if we get the same error as we did before.

I'll post an update after we're able to complete a test.
We're waiting on test's result.
Hope it will work correctly:)

We both set our time zones to match our browsers, and setup a series of events / meetings and the time zones are displaying correctly for us (e.g., Korean Time Zone = 10:30 AM, Eastern Time Zone = 8:30 PM) on our calendars.  So this is good news.

However, we figured out where the issue / confusion is coming from.  The notifications of events / meetings is displaying the incorrect time.  I setup a meeting for November 27th at 10:30 AM in the Korean Time Zone ((UTC +09:00) Asia/Seoul)) but the notification of the event / meeting displayed as November 27th at 5:30 AM Easter Time.  The correct time should have been 8:30 PM Eastern Time.  I've provided a screen shot of the correct calendar event confirmation and the incorrect event / meeting notification (both came from my colleague in the US).

My colleague also informed me that if he confirms / accepts the meeting from the notification he receives then the incorrect event / meeting time is displayed on his calendar which requires me to setup the meeting again.
Dear Daniel,
thank you for detailed description.
This situation requires  more precise analysis.
Please, submit a ticket in our helpdesk.


Anna Y.
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