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Worgroup calendar entries become Personal calendar entries after a few minutes, The entries in the workgroup calendar change ownership!

I have trouble with one of the members of a workgroup.

Every time that this specific employee set an entry in the Workgroup calendar, it appears perfectly and the rest of members can see it properly. After 10 minutes, the calendar entry changes and it appears in the personal calendar of every member as "personal", not as workgroup calendar entry anymore. After that, No one can modify or delete, not even in administrator mode.

I checked the employee permissions and are exactly the sae as others in the workgroup, no one else has any similar trouble.

How can I fix it?

Hi German!

Please contact our Helpdesk with the more details:
- workgroup calender access permissions setting screehshot
- name & email address of employee causing the trouble
- workgroup memebers page screenshot
- this employee particular steps (for us to test the scenario)

Thank you.


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