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Wiki: links and redirects to sections or headings?
There's unfortunately not much documentation on the more advanced features of your wiki markup language, although they clearly do exist. I was able to successfully do a #redirect to another page, although this functionality doesn't seem to be documented anywhere.

Can anyone tell me if it's possible to link to and create redirects to "sections" (or "headings") of other pages? Or, more generally, can anyone tell me what wiki markup language this is based on?
I'd also like to know if it's possible to relocate the table of contents, or to manually generate it instead of requiring (i think 4?) headings for it to generate itself. Problem with self-generating is that it puts it above everything else, which can look bad if you want to have a "title" heading at the top of your article.
Can anyone tell me if it's possible to link to and create redirects to "sections" (or "headings") of other pages?
Hi Alex, please use add internal hyperlink tab and add there page name (not link):

Please read more in our Training Course on Wiki.

what wiki markup language this is based on?



Thank you for the reply! Yes, I know how to do internal hyperlinks (that's what I meant when I said "link," I apologize for the mismatched terminology on my part). I'm trying to link to a *section* of a wiki page, namely, headings. Just like how the table of contents links to sub-headings in the page, and jumps you to those locations, I want to know if it's possible with your markup language to link to one of those sub-headings in an internal hyperlink. (Both in the same page, and from another page.) My goal is to be able to do a #redirect to a *section* of another page, rather than just to the page in general (which jumps you to the top of the page).

That wiki page was actually the first page I looked, and it doesn't have any information on the #redirect command (which clearly works.) It seems to be an undocumented feature.

Thank you for the information pertaining to the markup language! Looks like BBCode is the basis for the tags used in the "Text Editor" (which shows all the markup). As for the higher-level markup features, like internal hyperlinks (the [[Page Name]] notation), I'm guessing that's a homebrew thing layered on top of the BBCode? I'm trying to find any documentation out there for BBCode used in wikis, it seems like it's usually used in forums. I'll keep looking to see if there's anything "hacky" I can do to make these sub-section links work within BBCode.
I also can't find a way to link to a category page. Normally in wikis, you put a colon before the "category" tag to make it a hyperlink, as opposed to a tag that adds the page to a category. So:

[[Category:My Category]]

adds things to the category and

[[:Category:My Category]]

creates an internal hyperlink to the category page. In Bitrix24, using the second syntax just creates a page called ":Category:My Category".  
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