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Workgroup Task - Search x View all task permission
Hi. I`m tring to configure my group and i put the permission:

Permission to view all tasks: Only Group Owner

After that, the button "ALL", inside "TASKS" button STOP showing tasks that user NOT participate (Creator, Responsable Person, Participants and Observers), as I planned. But with this configuration, this user is able to see this type of tasks in result list when he use "SEARCH" button. This kind of tasks suppose to be hidden for this user even when the user makes the search. He dont have permission to see it. I know that if you click in this task link, appears "The task was not found, or access is denied.", but in my opinion, this task with information like: Title and Modified fields, suppose to not appears to... in search result suppose to be only tasks that respect the Permission set in group.
e2.PNG (14.03 Kb)
e1.PNG (24.11 Kb)
Hi Renan!

Please report this to our Helpdesk to check. Thank you.


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