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Automatic email follow ups, Automated email send if no response for 7 days?
Hi all - completely new to the syntax and structure of Bitrix workflow so I have a novice question or two. I'm happy to do the reading if someone can comply point me at the instructions, or if an online/demo video exists.

I have a mMedium level programming background so concepts of variables, variable scope and the like are not foreign to me, I'm simply a novice user of Bitrix.

My overall goal is to somewhat (and selectively) automate my customer follow ups such that if a scheduled call is more than 2 days overdue, an email is sent instead, and the phone call is deleted from activity stream of a lead or client.

The process flow I would like to initially implement is this:
When an email with subject of "Unable to contract you just now" is sent
1) Schedule a follow up phone call (for me) for 48 hours time
2) If that phone call is 24 hours overdue, send a follow up email and delete the phone call
Hi Nigel!

Welcome to Bitrix24!  :) Here is the training course on Bitrix24 business processes.

Happy New Year!

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