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Task Duration and Estimated Time Required
Hi, in the 'Time Planning' section of the task editing window you can enter a duration for the task, this can be standalone or a calculation from the the start and end dates.

In the Task List window, one of the column items you can add to the list using the gear icon at the end of the header row, is 'Estimated time required'.

How do these values 'duration' and 'estimated time required' interact? Do they interact at all? E.g. I set a duration for a task and yet it's not displayed in the 'Estimated time required', which would imply that are independent which is fine, but I couldn't find a way to set the 'Estimated time required' value for a task.

Could you please explain these two task values work?

Hi John,

The task duration indicates the amount of time between the task start and end time & date (plan). The estimated time required is the amount of time you plan to use in fact for the task execution - excluding the time when you won't be working on the task between the task start and end time.


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