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Integrating multiple bitrix instances / projects, managing projects across multiple bitrix24 instances
Use case I
For one of our customers we're setting up a instance. this instance "" wil ultimately function as a stand alone operation including its own clientbase and projects / task etc. For the next few months some of our staff, client representatives and freelancers will co-create en build the business within ""

Question: Can a task created within the environment and assigned to / supervised by one of our staff members automatically be added to the corresponding project at ourcompany.bitrix.24

Use cAse II
One of our partners also uses bitrix24 for projectmanagement and CRM. We work together on several projects. We both want direct access to projectinformation and tasks/files.

Question: When working on a project together, is there a way to share the same extranet workgroup and have tasks, reminders and other notificaties show up in the activitystreams / calenders etc from and as well
Hi Paul,

for use case I you may want to investigate Zapier, which can integrate other apps with Bitrix24.
Zapier can create tasks (and leads) inside B24, via the API, as well as receive task/lead information from B24 to send to another application.
You would probably need an "app in the middle" like this:

instance1.B24 <-> Zapier <-> { intermediary app } <-> Zapier <-> instance2.B24

Here's an example of Zapier use:
Ronaldo Radünz

Bitrix24 Gold Partner
Hi Ronaldo,

Thanx! Seems like zapier can do the tric. I'll be setting up an test next week and let you know.
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