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Create a standard task form for all user

My company are using Bitrix24 system (cloud version) and i'm an admin.
I would like to ask you some questions.
  1. How can i create a standard task form for all user. My company's member don't know how to use task correctly, so it's hard for us to manage tasks.
  2. I don't want that some people can change the task creater. That is a stupid option, because someone can take advantage of this option to do some dubious activity.
I can not find the way to resolve these problem. Help me Please!
Thank you!
Hi Toàn,

Unfortunately administrator cannot save task form configuration for all users. Thanks for the suggestion.


Hi Yana,

Thank you for your response!
I still get a trouble with the task. See the picture below

we are using the cloud version (30 days trial).
Help me please!
question.png (20.65 Kb)
Hi Toàn Lê,

This option allows subordinate users to add tasks their top managers said them to add, in the task from user who adds the task is added by default, but when user has to add the tasks his\her boss asked him\her to do, they can change task creator in the form, so the task will be created so as if it was added by the boss.


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