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Can't sync with external ical caleldar - BestNotes
I am trying to add an external iCal calendar that comes from our crm provider, BestNotes. The BestNotes calendar syncs fine with Google, Outlook, Thunderbird, iDevices, Android, etc, but I can't get it to work with Bitrix24. I don't imagine, given that it works with every other device/software, that it requires any special syncing. The sync address is an iCal URL which they call a direct access resource - which I suppose means I could give you the link here and you would be able to see my calendar(?). Shouldn't require a password. Whenever I attempt to set it up I get the incorrect parameter error.

Is there anyway to do this either directly through Bitrix24, or through some workaround - sync with google first then Bitrix24, for example? (I tried that, but couldn't make it work btw)
Edited: Gary Moore - 11/16/2016 01:24:09
 Hi Gary!

Please try to contact our Helpdesk. Thank you.


Is there a solution to this? We're having the same issue
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