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Multiple Task Templates, Why do all templates have the exact same fields, and no option to specialize task template types?
Alright, so again, I'm new to Bitrix, but I was looking over the task templates and I ran into a stumbling block.  Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but if I add custom fields to a task, it adds it to ALL the tasks.  Templates?  They don't even give me the option to create custom fields for different applications and tasks types.

Lacking those options, I have a difficult time really understanding what I'd possibly use templates for.  It's nice to set up a task template that has a set of subtasks automatically generated, but that kind of thing isn't something that happens often in my industry.

The ability to create completely different templates with different fields and such?  That would be vital.

Am I missing something? Because this seems like an obvious feature for Templates that doesn't seem to be there.
Edited: Brandon Withey - 11/26/2016 18:02:54
Hi Brandon,

Tasks templates do not support custom fields yet, thanks for the suggestion.


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