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Workgroups. What are they and what are they for?
The workgroup is a virtual community of users created for discussing and solving of defined issues, goals and tasks.

By uniting users into workgroups for collaboration and projects, all the communications and data related to a given project or team is organized in a single place. All tasks inside the group can be viewed in relation to each other and access to information can be shared to users outside the group if needed.

Groups have individual permission settings and roles such as moderators, owners, and members. New members are added via invitation.

The following features are available for each workgroup:

  • conversations
  • photo gallery with bulk uploading, ratings and comments
  • calendar
  • tasks
  • document library
  • wiki
  • search inside the group
Group members will see all group activities in the Activity Stream with other updates, and on the group's main page there is a specialized activity stream that shows only group activities. This allows users to keep abreast of events, without excess navigation.

After starting the service, there are several preset working groups which can be edited or deleted. An unlimited number of workgroups can be created, and existing groups can be moved to the Extranet to be shared with third parties, or archived after the project is finished.

Any user may create a workgroup and be its owner.
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is it possible to sync events in the workgroup calendar to an iOS device (iPad)? I have created an event in the workgroup calendar and added myself as a guest but it is not syncing for some reason.
Hi Pavel!

Unfortunately this option is not available yet,
I've put the suggestion to our Dev department.

Kind regards,

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