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Start a Task and move it to In Progress, Is there a way to automate the steps?
I've been working with Bitrix for 2 weeks now, and it is amazing, I'm pushing it to be the project management tool globally at the company.
Having said that, I'm still learning about everything it can do. I wanna know if there is a way to automate some things

Is there a way to automatically move tasks to stages:
If I hit start, move it to "In Progress", if I hit "Finish", move it to "Finished".

Is this possible?
Completely agree.  It would be very helpful if the buckets would be able to:

Recognize deadlines - to automatically add it to "This Week"
Recognize status - To automatically move it to the completed/finished bucket
Automatic recognition of tasks’ deadlines and statuses is not available in Bitrix24 yet.
Please note, that we have Bitrix24 Task Planner feature where you can quickly add, start and finish new tasks and set deadlines directly inside Planner board without the need to open each task form. More on the Planner can be found here:

Thank you for you feedback, I will submit your suggestion to our developers.
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