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Planner view empty data for staff *Bug?*
I'm the admin and all of my tasks show up in my Planner just fine, but they do not for my staff.  The only way a task shows up for my staff is if they create a task in that very view.  I have tried every filter, every setting, everything I can think of to try and correct this to allow for previously created tasks to be pulled in but have no luck.  

It always says "no data to view."  I've tried searching everywhere but can't find anything pertaining to this.  I see on the help page it says: "who have access to tasks" on this page ( ) but I can't find any settings anywhere that would even allow me to let staff see tasks or not (aka access to tasks).

I've had bitrix for years but just started a Pro trial period because we're thinking about making the jump (BTW anyone in a trial should have access to the Helpdesk too since new features are added to this version) access the help desk to ask them.  We really need to get this figured out pretty soon.

*UPDATE* I think there may be a bug.  In the hours I've spent trying to get this resolved for my staff, I've noticed 2 tasks have randomly appeared at different times.  I went back and looked at the history and they both had tags applied to the task.  It appears by doing that it is somehow making them appear in the Planner view.  Also, as I've mentioned, this has always worked for me but not my staff.
Hi! Thank you for pointing out quite an important functionality issue. I will inform our developers regarding this bug.
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