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Total time for Projects within the Project, Is there a way to see what the total time spent on the project without running a report.
Is there a way to add total time on a project to the projects page? Right now it only lists the total time on each task but does not add it all up. Sounds like it would be something helpful for project management to see quickly/easily how much time has been spent on the project.

Please let me know if there is a way to get total hours on a project.

(I also tried running a report for the project and not all the time was included on it that is listed in the project) I asked this question as another forum topic. That is how I realized I had to manually add up all the task hours to find the total project hours.

Hello! Unfortunately, we do not have any of the options to show total time for Projects at this moment. However, Time tracking and billable hours features are expected to be released this fall.


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