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Meeting and Briefs Issue, Meeting and Briefs Issue, Time resets to 2:30 hour ahead of actual time
Scenario :

Step 1: I schedule a meeting for example for 10 am,
Step 2 : On the day of meeting I go into meetings and briefs tab open the scheduled meeting (10 am ) and press start meeting buttong
Step 3 : After 10mins when meeting is over I press Finish meeting button, meaning meeting gets over at 10:10am
Step 4: I go back to the list of meetings and see the the meeting i scheduled its timing changed from 10 am to 7:40 am  

What I did :
I did multiple meeting scheduling to figure out whats wrong and came to know the after pressing Start meeting time resets to MINUS 2:30 hour of the scheduled time.

I have been trying to explain this to Bitrix support but they keep asking me to check my profile time settings and computer time setting, which i did several time before connecting to them and everything is right, both my bitrix and computer are Asia/kolkatta timezone.
I am having the same TIME issues with templates. I double check and tried different time setting and the task as always created hours before the time I actually want them to happen.

It seems that there is a problem with the Time ZONE settings.
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