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Workgroups. Extranet.
Extranet is a web zone inside your Bitrix24 instance created so that company employees can productively collaborate with authorized users from third parties such as clients, suppliers, or partners.

The extranet is based on the workgroups. External users are invited to a workgroup, communicate with the workgroup members and are allowed access only to that workgroup and their own profile.

For example, web studios can create a separate workgroup that is available in the extranet for each project, invite clients there, discuss the project, store related documents  and media files, manage tasks, schedule  events, and so on.

Each Extranet workgroup is divided among employees and outside users. The activity stream in the group’s main page shows the workgroup’s events.  Employees who are members of the Extranet group will see its activity in the main Activity Stream, noted as coming from the Extranet. Extranet users will see the activities of the workgroup(s) in which they are members. IM messages can be sent to and from Extranet users, but only by employees who are members of the given Extranet group. Furthermore, tasks from the extranet group are listed and marked clearly in each employee’s personal task section.

To begin work with the extranet:

  1. specify that the group is available in the extranet in its settings (this can be done with a new or with an existing workgroup)
  2. invite external users by sending them messages via e-mail
  3. participants can follow the link from  an invitation and immediately create their own password, fill in their user profile, and start working inside the group to which they were invited
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is this feature available for fremium plan accounts?
Hallo, Alex!

Extranet is available for "Standard" and "Professional" tariffs. More information about tariffs prices and features you can see here .

respectfully, Anna.
Hi Anna,
Is it possible to transfer a registered user from employee to extranet?
Thank you in andvance.

Hi Anna.
I've found a post where you was explaining it is not possible to move an employee to extranet. That is fine for me.

What is not acceptable for me is that I cannot delete a user!

Now that I've paid 6 month subscription 199$/mo I need to delete employees that should stay in the extranet!

Please, tell me I've not caught over 1,000$ in the rubbish! It's really a bad problem for me, and the disappointing fact is that extranet is not testable in the trial, so I had no chances than adding all users as employees!

I look forward for a solution, I've also opened a ticket at the helpdesk.


Hi Simone,

I got it, I'm afraid the only solution for you now is to invite this extranet user with the help of his\her other email address - I understand this is not a convenient way, the suggestion has been passed to our devs. Please note we haven't come accross such demands before so I would like to thank you for reporting.

I think it should be possible, at least fr om your side, to delete users from DB for unlocking this disappointing situation.
I can't ask to external users to give me their personal email address wh ere to receive Bitrix24 notifications!
I am pretty sure your developers could make a direct database deletio, at least for those users which did not posted anything.
Dear Simone,

I see what you mean as far as the user does not have any history to be stored in the intranet.. - I guess our Help desk staff will answer on this question for sure.

I hope it too. Anyhow I think you should consider seriously the user deletion and readmission to the intranet as it is possible a person continues collaborating with a Company even after being working with it as an external consultant. Moreover, it is not rare that the same person is hired back in that Company!

Iìll let you know if, with the help of the helpdesk, I will solve this blocking issue.

Yes, thanks for brinning this subject up! We'll consider these scenarios.

Hi Yana.
A great update: Olga solved my problem with a workaround!
I have to ask to every user I have to move to extranet to change the e-mail address on their bitrix24 account, then the "original" e-mail address come back free and usable!

Now I am safe. Anyhow I think a more efficient management of user movements has to be planned and implemented soon in order to improve a great product!

Best Regards.

Great Simone, glad to know your problem is solved. We'll consider a simpler way of course. Thanks!

We ran an Extranet test for the 30 days of free access in order to produce a report on the usability of this feature. It's great, but bare in mind that at the end of the trial period anyone who only has access to the Extranet will be 'dismissed'.

This has caused us problems since we're having to use a workaround to get people reinstated who we'd asked to be part of the test. I think this should be made clear for those of us that have to go through a lengthy internal approval process. It runs the risk of irritating testers which in turn means that they're less willing to put their weight behind the implementation of the paid subscription version.
Hi Tracey,

Do you mean extranet users who have been invited after test 30 days trial, are dismissed even after you've upgraded to the Standard or Professional version? Thanks.


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