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Images in wiki page not displaying, images, wiki
I have created a wiki page and am trying to add images to that page. I use the Upload image feature, the image is uploaded and appears in the editing box, and at the bottom of the editing screen. However the images never appear in the actual pages, instead just showing either the file name or "File is not a valid picture". Linking to external images is fine but that is not what I want, or need, to do. Any ideas?
This error has been already fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.
So it has. Thanks very much.

However, there is now a further problem.
I set an alignment to "center" on an image, it centers in the editing view, but then the style setting keep getting deleted. This happens when:
  • You switch between text and visual view
  • You Publish the page
I haven't checked what other formatting is getting lost, yet, if any!
Edited: Randal Cooper - 04/10/2013 17:30:39
The wiki function is weak overall. It doesn't allow us to develop new categories and to link text to assets in bitrix24. IMHO, it's more crucial to knowledge sharing in the workgroup than the activity stream. It should even be the landing page in a workgroup whereas the activity stream could just be the "footer" of the wiki page. Given all the open source wiki platforms out there, your wiki offering should not be a weakness in such a great product as bitrix24.:D
Hi, James!

Thank you for your feedback!
It doesn't allow us to develop new categories...
Could you  describe more precisely this situation.  If it's possible attach a screenshot.

...and to link text to assets in bitrix24
I pass this bug to the development. We'll fix that.

We'll try to develop this portion of Bitrix24. Thank you for your suggestions and reports!
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