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create an entry by email
Sorry if the question has already been done, but I have not understood how I can create an entry by email.
For example, if I want to add a task to my workspace, I expect I can do it sending an email to fr om my regular email address with subject "[tasks] this is a task title" and body "this is a task description", or something similar. Wh ere is the syntax explained?
Edited: Antonio Rinaldi - 05/01/2013 13:26:20
Hi, Antonio!
Unfortunately, Bitrix24 doesn't have such possibility at the moment. But it is very interesting idea. I've passed it to our development department.
Thank you!
Best Regards, Anna
Is there any other way to get information to a workgroup messageboard from an outside source?
Email would be the easiest, but as that is not available yet, maybe any other way to feed it with information?
Hi, Sasha!
At the moment, unfortunately, there is no way to import some information to the work group's activity stream. But in the nearest future we plan to open API to Bitrix24, what will, probably solve this task.
You can import Leads from another website via Rest API. You have to create a special form on your site and the information from this website will be passed to CRM as a new Lead.
Thank you Anna, for your reply and the thumbs up.

I am looking forward to the release of the API and hope that it will be possible to incorporate email and/or RSS integration via those APIs.
For what I have seen bitrix24 is a very impressive service. I would say that it is the most complete service if it would have the feature we are speaking about.
For me such a feature is a "must". There is a lot of situations where one cannot open his bitrix area (or prefers to not open) and sending a note by email is the quickest and easiest way to interact with the web app.  
Many other services, either direct competitors  or not, have this feature. For example Evernote. For example Kona. See here for the interest about this feature in another service:
I hope to see this feature in bitrix24 soon.
Edited: Antonio Rinaldi - 05/30/2013 10:23:22
The API release and ability to add tasks via email are definitely #1 high priority needs.

Thank you.
Any news about this topic?

love this platform......

I agree with previous posters that being able to email INTO bitrix would be fantastic....

Any news??


Unfortunately this was the deal breaker for us. We are moving away from Bitrix to teamworkpm due primarily to the robust email integration.
Hi Dave, Graham, Antonio and Sascha!

Unfortunately we do not have news on this subject yet, we've passed this feature suggestion to the Development Department. Please note that we are constantly collecting our clients feedback and suggestions, and work hard on new features implementation. For example, we had a big update last week, hope you will enjoy it!

For more news update and feedback on Bitrix24 we also invite you to follow our Facebook page and Twitter

Best regards,

Deal breaker for our organisation as well.

Was just about to sign up with the Sept/Oct 30%off deal and was testing the system - am amazed I can't post to the wall from my email!

1) Emailing Tasks to Bitrix24 - we already have this feature request, and we are trying to find a solution that will work for the service.

2) Emailing messages to Bitrix24 Acitivity steam is not available for Bitrix24 Cloud

But it works through our Send'n'Save technology for self-hosted version users.
Please check our blog here:

Please note that External Data import  to Bitrix 24 Acitivity Stream is also available for Bitrix24 Self-hosted version users ( for POST, RSS and XML):

3) Rest API - this feature is already implemented, we are working on the "Rest API documentation". You will be able to use it as soon as the Documentation will be ready.  

Please read more on API for the Self-Hosted version here:
Find more on API for the Cloud here:

Best regards,

Today I've received a message stating that the requested features are now available. Is it so for emailing a task or not? I fear to not gave well understood...
Edited: B24_709595 - 07/09/2014 18:57:49

I'm afraid not for emailing a task feature.

Is the provision for sending tasks to Bitrix24 via email ready?

This option is not included in the plan for the spring release, but I'll add your vote for this option. Thanks!



this discussion is quite old and I wonder if there is a real chance to get this feature in the could version.

Hi Matthias,

We consider this option for future updates, not short term plans unfortunately. Thanks for your vote!


Unfortunately as the idea of integration of emails to generate tasks was not taken seriously (suggested and requested by users since 2013), we are giving up Bitrix24 and creating an account with ********.com.

Best regards,

Your message has been modified. Please no promotion for other services.
Hi Rodrigo,

Sorry to hear that.

I too would very much like to see this feature included. We just started using Bitrix and not being able to create tasks based on emails is a major drawback.

It would be nice to see one of the two in the near future:
1) Private domain (Yandex) mail interface integrated into Bitrix so that you can create tasks from an email by clicking a button in Bitrix
2) Functionality added so that you can forward an email to an address and a task is created from it automatically.
Hi Bartek,

Thanks for the suggestion,


Hi Yana,

We are using on-premise version and we have just started to implement. Let me add my vote for the integration of emails. That would be in my opinion even more useful in CRM module.

However, reading this thread I am wondering whether you are seriously considering this option for future updates at all. Is there any timeline available?

Hi Andrej!

There may be a number of scenarios - we do consider several of them (I cannot disclose at the moment I'm afraid - stay tuned for the November release)

As for the CRM - just to be clear - you know about Send & Save technology - basic email integration we already have - I think you do. Would you like to suggest other options for the CRM?

Thanks for the clarification.


Hi Yana!

That sounds very promising, I'm looking forward to November release.

Regarding CRM I must apologise. We are still at the very early, beginning phase and I was not aware of this feature. We will study it and if we come up with some idea or proposal regarding email integration and CRM I'll post it here.


Sure, take your time. Thank you.

Is any news to the integration of emails - mainly I await this for the Project Management


Jaroslav Jasek
Tasks from email  option has been added.


Hi Yana,

Does this function (Task from email) work also in the Self-Hosted version? I see that the Self Hosted version shows the same fields on the profile page, but we can´t figure out which address we should use, or how to set ip up..

Thanks for your help...
Hi Rene,

You should copy the code in your profile page & send any email to this address, in this case the email content should appear as task in your Bitrix24, where you will be responsible person.


seems like teh email/forward email to botrix24 is been an ongoing issue and will also be a deal breaker for me.

What is your scenario exactly? Thanks.


Self-hosted Bitrix allow you to create a post by email inside a group
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