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Privacy in workgroups
I want to be able to create a set of users where some of them are part of 1 group, and others are part of another group. Each group should not be able to see the people of the other group or any of their details or activities.

Is that possible? If yes, how can I set this up?

Hi, Binod!

You have to create 2 private visible group, then set the Feature Settings

For example, if you want to show the conversation in group, you have to set conversation privacy "view post"  - "all authorized users"

But in this case you will give the access to the posts of this group to all employee. Unfortunately there is no another way  
Thanks Anna.

What is the difference between "Authorized Users" and "All Group Members"?

Where can I get a user manual for bitrix24?

"Authorized Users" - all employee in Bitrix24 could have the access.

"All Group Members" - only the members of this workgroup will have the access to this kind of information.

Where can I get a user manual for bitrix24?
Unfortunately we don't have the manual for Bitrix24 yet, we're working on it.
We're trying to describe some feature on our forum in FAQtopic.
Please, don't hesitate to ask your questions here on in the helpdesk.

Best Regards, Anna
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