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Sorting Workgroups
I have created a lot of groups, and it seems that they are automatically sorted by modified date.  Is it possible to arrange them in alphabetical order?
Hi, David!

No, according to the logic of the product, groups are sorted only by modified date.
I agree with David, listing workgroups by date created is illogical.
"by creation" would keep the most recent to the top, but overtime with a big organisation they should be listed
- by name,
- or by a workgroup tag ( products / hr / EU / social etc so grouping is possible)

The power of bitrix to transform a large org is with workgroups. but big org = many groups.
I suppose even AtoZ  list becomes hard to look through over time. Perhaps staff should just find relevant groups via search or wait to be invited to them...
Hi, Colin!

We've put in a proposal to the development department for adding this feature.


The possibility to sort workgroups manually has not been implemented yet. I hope this post will put this request higher on the development list.
I have many workgroups too and it would be nice to be able to sort them better.


Hi Tito!

Thanks for brinning the subject up, we'll consider this suggestion.


I very much agree.... sorting by different criteria would be very useful,   including the ability to display only groups of which a user is a member   and//or potentially being able to organize workgroups into folders...
Hi B24_1629039!

Thanks for your vote on this option!


Has there been any development in adding an option to sort the work groups by name

               How to change the group owner in work-groups, is there any option to change the group owner ? who will have the access for it. Could you please answer my request actually we are going meeting about BITRIX here.

Thanks & Regards,
Narasimha Reddy bandlapalii.

the site administrator can change the group owner.
Go to the group, ACTIONS and change owner (see pic)
change owner.JPG (33.89 Kb)
Ronaldo Radünz

Bitrix24 Gold Partner
+1 on the ability to sort workgroups.  Would love to be able to sort by other criteria (such as name).  Any update on this?  
Hi Jan!

Not yet. Thanks for the vote!


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