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Calendar timezone problem
since I opened my account , I set the sync with google calendar but I have this problem :

When I set an activity for a certain time (for example, 18.00) , on the calendar page of bitrix24 and on my google calendar time chosen is displayed in the right way.

the next day, the set time remains accurate tab activity , but an hour early on the calendar page of bitrix24 and on my google calendar .

I checked the timezone on my profile , and that on google calendar on my pc are equal ( utc +2 europe / bitrix24 to rome - rome gmt +1 for google calendar - UTC +1 Amsterdam, Berlin , Bern, Rome , Stockholm, Vienna automatically set for the PC ) .

I also tried to set profile Bitrix 24 " yes use browser settings" but the result does not change, all my appointments are an hour early .

I also tried to set the timezone of Bitrix utc +1 but then everything venive presented an hour late.

Thank you for your help and look forward to a response.



Bitrix calendar:

Google calendar:
Hi Osvaldo,

Please contact our Help Desk.

Kind Regards,

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