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Workgroup Owner, Is it possible change the workgroup owner?
Hi All, I need to create a workgroup for my CEO announcements, with all the employees invited. I'm the administrator and creating the workgroup I become the owner. Is it possible change the owner from me to my CEO? I gave him the administrator rights. If it's not possible, the CEO is able to write announcements into the workgroup and all the members receive a notification when he publish something?
Please let me know
Hi Angela,

You can change Group Owner this way: go to your group's profile - in "Actions" menu choose "Edit users"

then go to "Actions" menu that is opposite the "Owner" line - choose "change Owner" there.

Please note that there is also Announcement tool that can be very helpful. Any of your employees can create an Announcement It is easy to create right from the Activity Stream  - no need for any group at all, it will be displayed both in each choosen users Activity Stream and as a seperate widget too!

choose users who will see the Annoucement here (it can be "all employees" or definite group or individual users)

Here is how your Announcement will look like - you will be asked to mark it as read: That is very comfortable from management point of view because you will see who has marked it as read.

Kind Regards,

Dear Angela,

All new messages, tasks and announcements will be shown in user's Activity Stream - there are special counters (numbers) next to each activity section (activity stream, tasks, messages)  - they show the amount of new and/or ones demands attention messages\tasks\announcements etc. So that you will never skip important information.

As for special notifications - in case if you want each of your employees to receive a notification on your website (web messenger), desktop app or push notifications on their mobile devices - you need to ensure that each of your employees have enabled this function. Here is how:

Open your group's profile - Check if you have a "notification enabled" icon is activated.

You may also find this Training course helpful.

For news update and feedback on Bitrix24 we also invite you to follow our Facebook page  and Twitter.

Kind regards,

Hi there,
I faced the same issue. For Angela, she was the group owner and wanted to transfer her ownership to others. In my case, I'm administrator and not the owner of that particular group. How do I change the group owner of workgroup that owned by colleague ?
 Hi Peeratchai,

Please activate admin mode on your profile page, open group > Actions (right top corner) > Edit members > click user that you want to make new owner & choose "change owner"


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