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Tasks and calendar, Tasks not displaying in calendar: IOS and export
I'm using the IOS app and my tasks are only showing in the 'tasks' section and not inside the calendar, as they do on the website. Also, I haven't added anything to my main calendar - only tasks using the GANNT chart, which show up in the 'My Tasks' calendar. When I export my calendars from Bitrix, it only exports the main calendar and doesn't include the tasks - so it's basically empty. Is this a bug? Logically, I would've assumed tasks assigned to me would be automatically added to my calendar instead of or at least as well as using an entirely separate calendar… Any help would be appreciated.

Hi David,

Actually, tasks are displayed in Bitrix24 Mobile App's special "TASKS" section, and that is not a bug that tasks are not displayed in "CALENDAR" section, but the scenario our servise work. But we have put your suggestion for "Tasks calendar" and "My Calendar" syncronisation to our Development department, thank you for the suggestion!

Kind regards,

Bitrix entries synced with my iCal (Calendar on Mac Book) come with Moscow Standard Time (I am in London UK) and I cannot change this . Any suggestions. ( because I am not sure I will ever get back in here again!)
Hi Dave,

Actually,  different devices do read Time Zones differently and Events added from Bitrix24 do not always interpreted by the device due to the right Time Zone... The problem is that your Device does not transfer the time of the Events added from Bitrix24 to your current time-zone. Bitrix24 transfer your account data with the "Moscow tie zone" flag, so that your Device may read and change the Time Zone for your Local one. Unfortunately different devices do or do not do this transfer, that is why we cannot say this is a technical bug, but rather a problem for our clients, and we do apologize for the inconvenience. We are currently working on this issue to improve Cal synchronisation.  

Please note that your opinion is important to us, and we hope you will enjoy the other Bitrix24 features and capabilities while we will do our best to fix these Calendar issues asap.

Thank you

Unfortunately this problem makes the system unworkable for me/us.  I cannot have appointments cropping up at 09.00 and rushing to make it only to find that it was Moscow Time and in fact I am 9 hours early!  If I try to re-site the entries ion my iCal they stubbornly  go back to Moscow time.  So no, we won't be angle to enjoy any of Bitrix 24 features because we won't be using it. The calendar, and calendar sharing is vital to our business and without it we will have to source another Intranet supplier.


Sorry to hear that. We are working on the solution. There were some changes after the latest Apple updates that changed the way of determining time zones. Fixes will be applied quite soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Kind regards,

How do I show My Tasks in iCalDAV?
The Calendars sync only provides personal Bitrix24 calendar sync currently, not tasks calendar sync.


Is it any update on the feature which will allow to export Tasks to external calendars (Google, Apple, etc.) like you do for Event Calendar?
Hi Oleksiy,

Unfortunately not.


Hello,  I am also very surprised that Task deadlines are not automatically added to the Project Calendar.  This just seems logical - is this going to be changed/added soon?
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