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Critical Bug, Bitrix is showing some other profile informations on tasks

Since we have registered to Bitrix we have faced critical bug which is pretty annoying.

When I example make private workgroup and create new task for this group.
This task informations will be appeared with other employees profile informations.

It's really hard to explain, but I defenatly want that this bug will be repaired as it is so critical.

Example I made task "top secret information" and then I added there our leader.
So now in this task is part of me and our leader.

Anyway after it was posted to this private workgroup wall it showed our other employee's informations on details.

These red arrows are pointing to those profile names which has nothing to do about this task !
First of task is not named "Tino" who is one of our employee.

Also this task is not created by "Antti" to SEY (Extranet).

Where these names are coming from !?
Hi Sebastian,

Please contact our Help Desk asap. Thank you for reporting!


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