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View all tasks across all workgroups, Having difficulty getting a view of everything going on
Hi, is it possible to view all tasks across all workgroups/projects at once?  I can't work out how to do it.  I know in the Tasks screen of My Workspace I can see all the tasks I've either created or working on across all projects, but if I then go into the projects button and select a project I can see extra tasks that someone else has created.  

Effectively, I need to get the gantt chart to show all tasks created by everybody across all projects, as a default option without having to be manually added in as an observer on every created task, as people are bound to forget.  Is this possible?


Hi Paul,

Yes, it is possible to view all tasks across all workgroups. To do that you need to add new filter:

1) open Tasks>All click on the Filter tab

2) In the Filters window please click "add"

3) In the Filter Creation form please click "Add condition", choose "Group (project). Save. When applying this filter you will see all tasks in all projects of all colleagues (due to access permissions - please read below), both completed and not.

4) If you need to see all group tasks of all colleagues except for the completed ones - you can do that with the following conditions applied:
" add condition group">
1 line: choose Group (projects)
2 line: choose "status">"not equal">completed

Plese note that the tasks list\chart will be displayed according to the access permissions of the user. The user will see:

1) his tasks (set by him, tasks which he assists, supervises or follows)
2) tasks of subordinates
3) those groups tasks where in the group settings it is marked "available to all group memebers" (if he is a member) or "available to all users".

Kind Regards,

I does not work. Permission to view all tasks: Authorized Users and all users from the work group can see all tasks.
What is more user who is not in the group can see tasks from the group
Hi Małgorzata,

If you are talking about a particular workgroup tasks - please check the workgroup access permissions for tasks.


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