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Taks with different meeting dates
Hi there.

I work as a teacher and do some personal classes. Now, with Bitrix i could organize all my students (contacts) and now I'm trying to do that:
Make a New TASK or Project with some small meetings (like, sunday from 10am to 2pm; tuesday from 2pm to 4pm) and, after, include some students inside this task.

Someone could help me to do that ?
Hi Luis,

There are different ways to set tasks and meetings in Bitrix24, here are several scenarios for you:

1) Calendar:

You can either create meeting inside Bitrix24 Calendar and add there guests amoung other B24 users or add CRM entities (contacts for example) to that meeting. To add CRM elements click "More" in the Event creation form> Select CRM items. Please note that events connected with CRM items will be marked in your calendar with "CRM".

2) Tasks:

You may create tasks with subtasks (after you've created a parent task, click New task > Full task Form>More>Parent task) - you may add participants to the task (users of Bitrix24) or\and CRM elements (contacts). The last ones can be added by clicking "Full task Form">"More">CRM items select.

More info about Task management here.

3) Work groups:

I would suggest Workgroups is the best scenario in your case - you can create a special group for the definite project and set inside tasks and meetings that will be connected with this particular group.
More than that, you can invite your students as Extranet users to the particular group - it means they will have a limited access to Bitrix24 (only to this group). Please find more info on theExtranethere.

Kind Regards,

Hi there!
Thanks a lot for the support. I'll try all this methods and see which one will be better for managing my students and the calendars.
I noticed that when i make a new Task, it shows only on online bitrix calendar but it's not going to my iCal (mac) that only shows the "meeting" events.

If it's possible for help me at this point aswell :)
Hi Luis,

Unfortunately, the tasks sync with external calendars is not available. The tasks in Bitrix24 are displayed in the Bitrix24 "Tasks calendar" only.

You can add meeting to your iCal directly from Bitrix24 - to do that choose this calendar in the calendar event creation form.

Kind Regards,


Thanks again :)
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