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Project Management Features Roadmap, Could you please share the development roadmap for new PM features if any?
I've analyzed and compared many collaboration/CRM tools and Bitrix24 is the best that matches our need.
Unfortunately there is one aspect I've found weak: project management.
Particularly, I think that it could be very very useful introduce features and reports to manage the costs of the project (resource cost, external assets, services and so on).

Could you tell me if that kind of features (cost management) are in your roadmap and, if yes, when they are planned for the release?
Best regards
Hi Omar,

We have plans for this feature for the current year, thank you for the suggestion. It will be very helpful if you can give a bit more details on this issue - what do you need this module to have to solve your business tasks? If you could provide some samples, it would be great.

Thank you!

Kind Regards,

Hi Yana ,because, essentially, Bitrix24 already has almost all basic entities (such as companies, employee and workgroup/projects), it would be useful just to have a way to:
- add a "cost per hour" to each resource (employee) --> in this way we can calculate the cost per each resource involved in many projects
- link each workgroup to a contact (or to the company itself in case of internal project) --> in this way we can calculate the cost per each client, even if it's involved in many projects
- add a list of fixed costs to each workgroup

Bitrix24 already has the way to set the estimated effort time, so, it would be useful to have also the deviation between the prediction and the actual value.

These features would be very useful for me and my company.
Moreover, some reports would be great.

For instance (but is just an example of a tool I've used in past) is a quite simple tool (compared to Bitrix24) which implement cost management (other than time tracking). Here there is a good approach to the visualization of resource usages and costs.

Hope to see new features soon :)
Thanks and best regards
Hi Omar,

Thanks a lot for your help - scenarios and samples! It will be very helpful for our Dev team!


any chances of bitrix publishing a roadmap and when new features will be released, and which updates / features you great people are working on?
i think this is very attractive for customers of bitrix...
Hi Zac,

Thanks for kind words! It is not actually within our strategic policy to share future features before they are excually put in place :-) Though here is some light to our nearest realese - Join our webinar on May 30


Any updates on this feature...
Hi Hasan,

We may consider some changes like cost per hour for the next 2016 updates, but not the whole list above yet. Thank you.


Hi, I'm kind of new on bitrix24, I was searching for this on bitrix24 but the feature is still not available, wanted to know if it is going to be added?
By the way the software is really usefull.
Thank you
Hi Manuel!

Please use tasks & workgroups. In Bitrix24 projects are based on workgroups.


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