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Can head of department see tasks of subordinate?
How head of department can see/edit tasks of his subordinate?
A department supervisor is allowed to view the tasks of their subordinates, but they can edit only those tasks which he/she (the supervisor) assigned.

Tasks can be viewed from the personal page (the 'Task' tab) of a supordinate user or  from your tasks list (check the "show subordinates' tasks" option in the extended mode of the tasks filter).
I'd like to have ultimate control over all tasks or my subordinates (including editing) but I don't want the hassle of having to set each one up and assign them.

My perfect set up involves my staff setting up their tasks and events with me having total visibility of everything that they are doing including the ability to ammend and edit their schedule when I want.

Here is how it needs to work:

- Subordinate creates task / event (
- Subordinate sets timing / deadline for task / event
- Task / event is created in subordinate calendar which is VISIBLE AND EDITABLE automatically by supervisor (I can see my subordinate tasks in tasks section but not in their calendar - I can only see events).
- All tasks collated into 1 overall calendar.
- Supervisor sent email on task deadline
- When tasks are completed by subordinates, email sent to supervisor informing of completed task.

I really like your software but I can't fully adopt it because it doesn't give me the kind of visibility and control over my team that I need. I hope you can help because it would be a shame to look elsewhere as you do so much so well. Unfortunately, I can't use it as it stands. Please help!!!!

Good day, Dan!

Thank you very much for your opinion, it's very important for us!

Indeed, at the moment subordinates' task, how told Ann, is visible by supervisor in filter's extended mode, but isn't editable.
Only person with administrator access is able to see and edit all tasks in the company.
I understand that it can be inconvenient. I'll pass your suggestion for subordinates' task editability and  notification by mail to the project team and we'll try to resolve this situation.

- All tasks collated into 1 overall calendar
Don't you think this calendar will be overloaded with information?

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