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Tasks templates
Dear topic contributors!

We understand the pm module needs to be upgraded and have scheduled it for our next release - this fall. Thanks for your votes on the features that we need most to add - we'll take them into account!


Well done Bitrix24! Just confirmed that Task Templates with subtasks and checklists works now.

Thanks for listening!
It's been 3 years now since this topic has been opened. But i cannot see any improvements ?! this is a very important thing to share templates with other employees, but this hasn't taken into account by bitrix developers. I wonder if the suggestions are being forwarded.
Hi Abdu!

All suggestions have reached the dev team, no worries. As you may have noticied Bitrix24 is a complex product consisting of several modules, and we do receive a big amount of feature requests daily  :) Thanks for your vote on this feature.


See attached screenshot.

Hi, we really need the ability to share templates, or at least have them global.  We are using checklists to take tasks from the Sales Process(with reminders of things to say while on the phone), to the Site Survey Process(with tasks to check off along the way), back to the Sales Process to close the deal, and then the Installation Process(which includes take pics of install, upload pics, etc).  Then the task is closed.  It's great because the "Change Log" shows each user that contributed to each part of the process.

We need all of these steps to be able to be saved as a template so any of our Sales Associates can create a new task.  It's hard to do now, because any new idea in the process we get we would have to edit all of the templates saved for each user.

Any suggestions?  I see at least 3 other people have requested the ability to share template feature in this thread.  It shouldn't be that tough, just add an option in the edit template field as to who they would like to share that template with.  

Please let us know.  

Thanks so much!

tasks.jpg (83.31 Kb)
Edited: Evan Galvin - 09/30/2015 16:54:41
Hi Proactive Solutions!

Thanks for your kind words, we are planning to start with some minor pm module improvements this fall - stay tuned for the upcoming release! (approx. November)


Any news about the "share template" option?
My company is currently considering the use of Bitrix and we would also like to add our interest towards the ability to share task templates / assign group permissions to task templates. Being able to have centralised task templates that an entire department/workgroup has access to, will make a strong case for fully adopting it.  
Any news about the option to share (sub)task templates?
Hi Sanne!

Not yet. Thanks for asking.


Dear Yana,

We just started to use Bitrix24  and we are really miss share option!
Hi Marton!

Thanks for your comment, I've added your vote for this option. We understand that this option is highly requested & intend to implement it in our future releases (probably next year)


Another vote from me.

I been told it can be achieve via business process, but it is troublesome to create the process template as well. Unless you have the general PM process created like installed Leave or Travel approval.

Pls get it done.
Whilst we continue to wait for this feature to be provided.....

Dylan are you able to share details on how its done via the business process?

Hi John,

Here is the tutorial:

The concept is to use the workflow, create the project and tasks in it. But it is too complicated for me to design it.

Do try and if it work, remember to export it and share with us here.
No that wont work for me either, I don't want a project for each template, my templates are to cover more generic repeatable tasks, like a computer build.

Guess we go back to waiting for the patch, hope it turns up quickly as I wont be renewing my self-hosted license if not delivered by March as I think over 2 years to wait for what is a simple feature is just too long when it was promised this year!

I am sure an admin will be along in a minute to tell me my vote has been recorded (again) and that its a complicated system but changes are planned for sometime in the future....
I just began to evaluate this service like 2 days ago, and this is big stopper for me.

Maybe you can drop an email to:

Damian Edwards - Business Development Manager
07884 311750 | LinkedIn

+44 (0)114 4000 010 ​ | London: +44 (0)20 3488 0115 |

Hello, are there any news on the shared tamplates function? It is very important to have it, i thought we colud see them in the new version :(
Hi Aiza,

Not yet unfortunately, thanks for your vote on this option.


I agree. We really need the functionality where the entire team is able to see all the templates.

Thanks for the feedback, we'll take your notes into account when working on new updates.



I  won't see the below images in my bitrix account . what is the reason for it and how i can i see the below images in my bitrix account.

Thanks & Regards,
Narasimha Reddy Bandlapalii.
tasks pane-2.PNG (46.39 Kb)
tasks pane-4.PNG (49.05 Kb)
tasks pane-5.PNG (25.86 Kb)
Please open Tasks > All. Open filter > extended filter. Also note that several screenshots you refer to may be old & interface may have changed a bit.


Bitrix24 team,

PLEASE add shared task templates as a matter of urgency!

It's a great feature that will make workflow much easier for your users.

We'll all greatly appreciate it, I'm sure.


When will this be added it has been promised for ages?

Don't want to know that your considering it, just need a firm date when it will be available in the self-hosted version.

I have just received an email to say prices are going up, well until shared task templates are available I will hold back on renewing.
I would like to add a +1 for shared templates.  

Vote for shared templates...
Any word on creating templates with subtasks? It's now been three years since this has been promised to be developed. Templates are useless without this capability.
I have 3 questions:

1. Is it possible to duplicate workgroups?
2. If i have a task with multiple subtasks, if i configure the responsabible person of the task, is there a way to automatically configure the same person to all the subtasks?
3. I give a track time of 100 hours to a task, and we have 20 subtasks withhout planned time. If i add time to a subtask (time elapsed), is it possible to automatically add this time to the task?

I have a workaround that takes a little organisation but gets 80% towards the feature we all actually want.

1. Create a template
2. Create a task from that template but do not fill any placeholders ect that you may have put in.
3. Put that task under a project group named "master temples" (or whatever)
4. You can now go into a task inside the "master templaes" and in the "More..." drop-down select "Copy".

Again, this is a work around and crudely allows "templates" to be shared so that you can maintain consistency via the use of placeholders and the saved checklists.
Thanks Wade. By your help, i suppose the answer to my first question is "no" :) I´ll wait for the help in the another questions. The 3rd one is very importa to us!
Hi, we are also missing this feature, when is it planned?

and i have an additional question:

Is there at least an easy way to copy the created  templates to another user (with full admin rights)?
Three and a half years later, yet nothing has changed. This is slightly ridiculous. Is there any kind of due date for any of these implementations? I find it hard to believe that after three and a half years there are still things that are taking priority over this. This is a huge part of Business Processes.
Hi, we've find out a way to have Tasks Templates For everyone on the team.
  1. We created a Workgroup Called Templates (Give it access for the people on your team that need those templates);
  2. Create the Tasks with the Subtasks as you like to have as your Template inside the Template Group (its a normal task);
  3. When you are happy with the Task and Subtasks Structure select the main task with all the subtasks inside (dont open) and click on "copy"
  4. Adapt the name of the main task to what suits best;
  5. Select this brand new Template/Copy created and Expand the three (click on the +) and check all the Tasks and Subtasks;
  6. Now you can change the creators, responsible and workgroup to send the task to your team.
  7. Every one can go to this template Workgroup and do this for as many tasks as they want.
Not the Templates shared that everyone asks but works nicely and everybody can go and grab the templates they want.

hope it helps

Best André
04.png (91.88 Kb)
02.png (84.25 Kb)
05.png (134.6 Kb)
06.png (133.72 Kb)
07.png (133.47 Kb)
01.png (108.34 Kb)
03.png (34.85 Kb)
Great idea, André!

Do I have your authorization to translate and post this on our web site FAQ section?

BTW, it is also possible to develop a workflow that, when run, will create predefined templates (taking as parameters the group name, creator, participants, etc.)
The down side of this is that currently it is not possible to create sub tasks nor checklists from inside the workflow.

Ronaldo Radünz

Bitrix24 Gold Partner
Yana Prokopets,
Hello could you tell us is technically at this moment already possible to create task templates with subtasks, cheklists, upload to them documents and share somehow with other users in our company. So far I couldn't find this in your system.

Hi Tomas!

What you can do:

- create task template
- add checklists to the template
- upload files to the template
- add subtasks to the template

What you cannot do (we plan this option for our future updates)
- share template with other users


We'd also like this feature. We're looking at implementing Bitrix24 across our organisation to enable staff to 'work smarter'.

'Working smarter' implies not having to duplicate a template over and over again especially when it has an enormous checklist!

So a big vote from us for this!
Hi Tracey,

Thanks for the feedback and for your vote on this option.



I would really like to see an option to set recurring tasks in a template and "last day of the month" as an option. I need this for my
internal organization.We are an SEO company that requires functionality with plenty of flexibility. Here would be a killer (for me at least).. Dynamically updated templates.Methods change, so when I would like to tweak the way projects are run I would like to update the template and then all projects created from that template to be updated too!


Edited: james bastin - 07/31/2016 07:04:20
Also, I have been trying to figure out how to mark a recurring task as completed without it cancelling the task completely.

I would like to use Bitrix if I can find solutions to these issues..


Hi James!

"last day of the month"

Thanks for the suggestion on recurring tasks option. Recurring tasks template is available.


John Fitton wrote:
I am repeating what is mentioned above but Tasks need the ability to
Share task templates with others
Create checklists within a task template
Copy a task with sub tasks
Create a task with subtasks from template, whilst I can create a template with a parent task, it doesn't show it correctly in the task list, it only shows the parent task with no subtasks.

This seems to have many votes and feature request outstanding for a while, when will it be addressed?

PS I am using the self-hosted version
I agree with Mr. John Fitton.  
Hi Will,

Thanks for your vote on these options.


I note this thread has been around a long time, but I feel I should add my 'vote'.  I just spent an hour setting up and refining a task template on the assumption that it would be easily shared with others - and was very surprised and disappointed to find it could not be. We really need this now! Any update on a release date for the 'task sharing' function?

Hi Sarah!

Thanks for the vote! We do have this option in mind.


i can see that the issue for sharing template is a long time struggle for users.
i just want to know if there are any coming update regarding this limitation? because this is really necessary to have.
creator of the template is not always available to create the task for everyone.
Hi Ronaldo,

We plan to add this option.


Have you implemented creating templates for Workgroups in Bitrix yet?
Heather Huber wrote:
Have you implemented creating templates for Workgroups in Bitrix yet?
I would definitely support this request.  Service organisations often deliver similar projects time after time according to a standard methodology.  In such cases, there are huge benefits of being able to deploy a standardised workgroup template.
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