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Calendar items displayed incorrectly on iOS / CALDAV agenda, Calendar items displayed incorrectly on iOS / CALDAV agenda
Dear Bitrix24 team, here is a problem with CALDAV calender integration :

when I schedule a meeting in Bitrix24 web-client (eg the Workshop on monday 18:00-21:00) it looks like

screenshot Bitrix24 client

However, when synced to the iPad using CALDAV, the same meeting looks like

week view and event detail

so instead of ending on Feb 17, 21:00, it ends on Feb 19 01:00

* my timezone is set manually to Brussels,
* the event is actually syncing, when I change the title, it syncs fin to the other end, it is only the end time that doens't work,
when I set the event to end at Feb 17 21:00 on the iPad, it always jumps forward to Feb19 01:00, ???
Hi Pascal,

Please submit a ticket to our Help Desk.

Thank you.


Dear Team,

I have simular problem. When I add something to Bitrix24 it is fine but when I look at the outlook calendar it is 3 hours behind. My time zone is GMT and is set correctly on all computers, ipad, and handheld devices. I have this same issue with my partners computer. It first appeared on his than a few days later on mine. Can you assist?

Regards, Raj
Hi Rajmattie !

I would kindly ask you to contact our Helpdesk - they will be happy to assist.


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