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Synchronising Google calendar with Outlook and Bitrix24, Synchronising Google calendar with Outlook and Bitrix24
Before using bitrix24 I used to synchronise my Calendar in my Outlook data file with my Google calendar.
I decided to use the same synchronisation software to sync my bitrix24 calendar which I have open in Outllok with the same Google calendar.
It all seems to work (i.e. my empty bitrix24 calendar in Outlook was populated from Google calendar) EXCEPT that the recurring events in Google did not get synchronised to Outlook.
Any thoughts - or any thoughts on how to achieve synchronisation between my Outlook, Google and Android phone ?
Thanks, Andy
Hi Andy,

When Bitrix24 calendar is synced with Google calendar,  all Google calendar’s events appear in Bitrix24 calendar (repeated events also).  Please note that in this synchronization a new calendar is created in Bitrix24 (“My google calendar”) – if you will sync it with Outlook, then Outlook will not allow to add events to it (one way sync – from Bitrix24 and Google to Outlook).

Outlook and Google calendar sync – only import is possible, meaning the sync is not performed automatically.

When you sync Bitrix24 calendar and Outlook calendar -  a new calendar is created in Outlook, this new calendar is not connected to the Google calendar.

Please read about synchronisation between Bitrix24, Google and Android phone here.

Kind Regards,

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