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Repeat events, Schedule repeat say every 1st Friday of month
Is it possible to schedule repeat events for say every 1st Monday of the month?
Or this best done by importing fr om other?
Trialling the free version for possible upgrade to full size, so I am not sure if this is just a lim itation of the baby version.
This is important to us as lot of our events are scheduled on this basis.

We have repeated events (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) - choose the More tab in the event creating/editing form.
There is no option to repeat an event on a given day of the month. I'll pass the request to create this option to the development department, since tasks already has that option.
Hello Anna,

any news from the developers regarding the option of repeating an event on a given day of the month?

Best regards,


Unfortunately, there is no such option in the product yet.

Best Regards, Evgeniya
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