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Anyone seeing problems adding "noon" events?
I have been having this problem since we started using Bitrix24.  If I add an event in my desktop client (Thunderbird/Lightning) that starts at noon on any given day, Lightning shows that event as ending the next day at midnight.


Add calendar event for 12noon on the 27th.  Lightning shows the event going from noon on the 27th to midnight on the 28th/29th (36 hours).  See attached screenshot

The calendar on Bitrix24 is correct, but _all_ of my other devices show what is above.

So, just to reiterate:  Thunderbird/Lightning shows it as the wrong time, my Android device shows it as the wrong time, the Mac calendar client shows it as the wrong time.....only logging in to Bitrix24 shows it as the right time.

On all of my computers, my timezone is set to: America_Los Angeles
My Bitrix account is also set manually to the same timezone.

Has anyone else seen this?  I post this because I put in a support request, but it was never resolved and I wanted to see if others were experiencing this.

Hi Nick,

This is our bug - we apologize for the inconvenience, we are cuurently working on it and we'll fix it asap!


We have a similar problem, it seems that in our case the reports use another time zone because everything that happens after 16:00 local time, it´s reported to the next day.  We have post our issue in helpdesk, but it has been worthless.
Our Helpdesk will assist, we apologize for the inconvenience.


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