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Resources + Calendar
      Hello there!
Up until now I have been using a different groupware system and am changing to Bitrix.
One thing that we would definitely need to make the move would be a way to manage our resources (not HR resources, but rather inventory).

For example electronics... A way to book an iPad or a Printer to an event, and have this continued to be linked to a deal / company etc.

This would be easiest in a calendar.

Is this already possible, if so, how? Or how could one go about adding this as an important feature request?

Hi Zac,

Can you please give more details how you want this to work? It would be very kind of you. Do you need it to be bound with the CRM product catalog somehow - if yes how? (if you know any software samples - please share).

What I can propose now - you can create a task (there is the "tasks calendar" in your Calendar section where you can view them after) - set deadline to the task and bind it to the CRM item (deal, contact, company, lead). To do that click new task>full task form> more>CRM item select deal (contact, lead or company).

Kind Regards,

Sure, here are some more details.

First, an example fr om a different software that has this capability.

So basically a short explanation of how we would like to use this:

We offer our clients to rent out ipads and other tech items for their events.
We need to be able to always see wh ere iPad 01 is, and when Scanner 03 available is.

If possible, it would even be great to include a daily price for these (it's not a typical inventory product in this case, because there is no running-inventory, its more like you can check this item in and also check it out).

Does that make sense?
It needs in this case to be linked to the corresponding crm element...

I really really really hope that you guys can add this in the very near future :-)
I'm sure others can make use of this too, as well!
Thanks a lot for the prompt explanation & screenshots Zac! :-)

I've passed it to the dev team - they will have a look.


+1 for this feature!
Thanks Roland!

+1 for this feature!!!!
+1 for this feature
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